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    3631 Hampton Road
    Oceanside, New York 11572 

Who we are

Family-Owned and Operated

Patriot Recycling opened for business in late 2006.  We may be 'new' and perhaps that is partly why we work so hard, going above and beyond, to have each and every customer leave our facility satisfied. 

With great American pride, this family-owned and operated facility has worked to provide the best outbound products to our customers and to provide a clean, efficient facility for the disposal of material at the end of a job. 

Our reputation has grown industry-wide because of the praises from our satisfied customers. 

And we have become well known for our signature customer treatment...Everyone leaves with a cold bottle of water and a lollipop!


What we offer

  • 01.

    Outstanding Service

    We treat our customers the way they expect to be treated. We want to have every customer leave our facility satisfied with our services.

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    Clean, Efficient Facility

    Working in debris and recycled material is messy work. However, we work just as hard to keep our facility clean and neat and thereby make it more efficient for you to use.

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    Superior products

    Yes, we recycle material like the "other guys." But we do our best to ensure the products you receive have not just been haphazardly thrown together. You get quality outbound products, first time and every time.

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    A solid Reputation

    We can sit here and tell you how great we are, and we are good. However, we invite you to talk to our customers and hear what they have to say. Our reputation has been built one customer at a time.

What Our Customers
Have to Say About Us

Absolutely First-Class Service

"We have been using Patriot Recycling for some years now. They work with us on what we bring in and provide great products to take out."

Tom, Building Demoltion Services

Really good products

"As a landscaper, I am always looking for the best material at the best price for both my customers and my budget. Patriot Recycling does the job for me."

Jim, Professional Landscaping Service

Easy to work with

"I am not a professional anything. I just need some good topsoil and mulch for my home and stumbled upon Patriot Recycling. So glad I did. Great products and outstanding service, and the price isn't bad either."

Cathy, Northport, NY