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  • Patriot Recycling is a Construction & Demolition Transfer Station.  We take in all the items listed below (Inbound Section) and sell all the items on the Outbound Section. See our Pricing page for inbound and outbound pricing.  


    Waste transfer stations play an important role in our community’s total waste management system, serving as the link between our solid waste collection program and a final waste disposal facility. No long-term storage of waste occurs at a transfer station; waste is quickly consolidated and loaded into a larger vehicle and moved off site, usually in a matter of hours. Additionally, much of the material is recycled and resold negating the need to transfer the waste to a landfill at all.


    Recycling today also plays an important role in creating a sustainable future. Not only does recycling significantly reduce our reliance on landfills, but it also helps conserve natural resources. Patriot Recycling encourages working together to protect our environment and preserve our world.

  • Inbound Products We Accept

  • mixed loads

    Includes construction and demolition debris as well as pallets, wood fence and crates (clean only)      

    roofing shingles

    grass and/or leaves

    brush or grass and brush



    • Logs Under 24"
    • Logs Over 24" and Stumps
    • Wood Chips
    • Bulk Heading/Creosote/Poles  


    • Mixed and Clean



    • Rock and Dirt
    • Clean Fill Dirt

  • Outbound Products

  • Mulch

    • Black Mulch

    • Brown Mulch

    • Red Mulch

    • Natural Mulch



    The topsoil in the first 4 to 12

    inches of Earth’s covering

    supports the roots or supports

    a variety of plant roots -- the

    nutrient gatherers. It provides

    easy drainage yet retains moisture

    and allows some penetration

    of light and air.

    fill dirt

    The material called fill dirt, or

    only fill, typically contains topsoil,

    but it also contains rocky subsoil

    and lots of other material in a

    mixture without a standard composition.


    Compost loosens clay soils and helps sandy soils retain water. Adding compost improves soil fertility and stimulates healthy root development

    in plants. The organic matter provided

    in compost provides food for microorganisms, which keeps the soil

    in a healthy, balanced condition.


    Peat Moss

    Aerates plant roots by loosening heavy clay soil.
    Adds body to sandy soil.
    Saves water by absorbing and holding moisture.
    Reduces leaching or runoff of nutrients present in or added to the soil, releasing them over time






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